As a Key Account, you want to maintain a pro-active and tailor-made relationship with your providers. Your expectations? Responsiveness, reliability, suitable contact persons, involved exchanges, integrated solutions, customised products and services, etc. These many demands are met by the Key Accounts department at ALSICO France through corporate branded clothing and PPE programmes perfectly adapted to your needs.

A dedicated team who knows you well

Our dedicated Key Accounts team will provide you with special attention. Thanks to its global expertise, it is able to perfectly manage the organisation and operations of your company. Its complementary skills guarantee you a unique, methodical and efficient approach to your project. A real relationship of trust is formed between you and ALSICO France.

1 Key Account manager at ALSICO France
1 national coordinator
persons responsible for monitoring business (regional level)
18 employees across 2 design offices
2 technical coordinators
7 sales assistants

Global, customised support


We carry out an in-depth audit of the current situation, your constraints, needs and specific professional requirements. By closely collaborating with you, we are able to create comprehensive specifications.


Our 2 integrated design offices are located in France. This is a real asset for the organisation of your project. You benefit from maximum flexibility and responsiveness, as well as the creation of prototypes as part of the pre-production process.


We optimise your industrial production to the highest level, both in terms of competitiveness and quality. We are able to use our production tool locally or remotely, according to your needs and requirements. Integrated, flexible, efficient and globalised, they will ensure your project is a success.


We control your required logistics process from start to finish and we strive to improve our service level each day in terms of: monitoring allocations, orders, stock management, sales forecasts, service levels, restocking, delivery flexibility, user satisfaction survey, etc.