As distributors in the areas of protection, safety, hygiene and catering professions, you know how crucial customer loyalty is. By offering them products that are regularly updated and services that provide high added value, you can meet their expectations and respond to their latest decisions. ALSICO France understands this well and guarantees your satisfaction, as well as that of your customers, by consolidating its brands with yours each day. A truly long-term collaboration…

The expertise of our teams at your service

Our teams at ALSICO France share a truly complementary set of skills when it comes to sales, marketing, technology and logistics. Always with the end user in mind, they are fully involved in the development of each product. Our teams provide you with high-quality items of clothing, born out of the identities of strong brands and perfectly meeting your customers’ requirements. So many reliable branded products that guarantee you strong economic activity.
By choosing brands from the ALSICO France group, you benefit from a truly win-win relationship!

2 Distribution Department managers
4 sales managers
Sales force: 10 salespersons – 22 agents and travelling salespersons
4 Production/Procurement/Logistics managers
13 Sales Administration assistants
20 employees across 2 design offices (design and pricing)
8 Special Production employees (scheduling, launch, production monitoring)
7 Marketing Department employees

Your requirements are also ours

You want products that are different, maybe even differentiating. You also want to benefit from a large number of services that are perfectly adapted to your activity. ALSICO France meets these demands by guaranteeing you an optimum quality of its products, as well as responsiveness, both in terms of technology and logistics, thanks in particular to an efficient input and management of orders.

Finally, you are provided with marketing and communication tools to make ALSICO France brand products stand out.

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