Muzelle Dulac designs and manufactures corporate branded and protective professional clothing. It is positioned as one of the leaders in the work clothing and PPE market for the industrial distribution market, local/regional authorities and linen hire companies.

Muzelle Dulac manages the complete design and manufacture of its products thanks to the proven expertise of its teams, permanent stocks of materials, and production equipment that is both modern and flexible. From smaller series to those larger in volume, such as the particular requirements of special production, Muzelle Dulac is able to satisfy all demands.

Muzelle Dulac professional clothing and PPE are valued for their functionality and comfort. They also perfectly meet all specific requirements, whether in terms of protection, safety or even corporate branding.

• Complete ranges for the industrial distribution market

• Clothing for local/regional authorities

• Customised clothing for all specific needs

• Ranges of protective and safety clothing – PPE (European standards)

Expertise in PPE: protection and safety above all

In the case of special PPE production, Muzelle Dulac is committed each day to meeting the needs of its customers and their professional needs. Our main goal? To guarantee each customer absolute compliance with their specifications and to meet these imperatives by putting more than 10 CE standards at their disposal.

This enables us to ensure both the protection and safety of each wearer of our professional clothing…

• Fire protection – ISO 11612 standard

• Welder protection – ISO 11611 standard

• Chemical protection – EN 13034 standard

• Antistatic protection – EN 1149-5 standard

• High visibility protection – EN 471 standard

• Protection against the thermal hazards of an electric arc – IEC 61482-2 standard

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