Alsicovip designs and manufactures corporate branded professional clothing for key accounts, from medium-size companies to international groups. It meets their corporate branded clothing needs, with the best conditions in terms of quality, service and price, whatever their area of activity.

From jackets, trousers and t-shirts through to suits, Alsicovip offers both restricted ranges and complete collections, entirely tailored to the customer’s image in terms of colours, logo, etc. For each specific request, Alsicovip is also able to launch special production of “warp and weft” or “mesh” items.

Corporate branded clothing is therefore designed with absolute respect for the customer’s identity, all whilst striving to give the clothing uniformity. Each corporate branded collection meets the customer’s expectations whilst being harmonious.

Finally, Alsicovip is able to meet requests for personal protective equipment (PPE). First of all, the teams at Alsicovip carry out a risk analysis, then a global proposal is put in place according to the area of activity, needs and requirements of the customer. This guarantees real satisfaction in terms of protective and safety clothing.

Commitment to code of conduct

  • OEKO-TEX label obtained for the majority of materials used in the manufacture of Alsicovip corporate branded clothing.
  • Sustainable approach and implementation of Max Havelaar fair trade supply chain.

Customised service offerings

Alsicovip creations perfectly meet the constraints and specifics of our customers. Everything is done to ensure complete control of customer files: The following is carried out to guarantee a tailored-made solution and optimum satisfaction:

  • Analysis of customer needs and risks
  • Creation of specifications
  • Proposal of styles
  • Development of corporate branded collection and/or PPE
  • Planning of manufacturing and monitoring of production

The corporate branded clothing collections are conceived by the 2 integrated design offices. They meet extremely high demands, from functionality, comfort, protection, safety and aesthetics through to current fashion criteria.

  • A production force of 900 employees, including 500 employed directly by Alsico France
  • A production capacity of over 50,000 items of clothing per week

Advantages to share with partners

Alsicovip develops close, long-term relationships with its partners and always seeks for both parties to learn more about each other so that they always have a better understanding of one another. On the ground, such as in the back office, Alsicovip employees become veritable project facilitators for their key account customers… A dedicated team who is responsive and always available, and who helps to establish a real relationship of trust.

Alsicovip logistics
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Alsicovip has its own logistics platform located in Amiens, in the Picardy region of France. Its versatile team ensures the safe receipt of customer merchandise from different production sites. It immediately carries out a quality check, then prepares packages by order and delivery location. It then ships these to customers. The process is both short and efficient to ensure customer satisfaction.

Customised stock management and restocking

  • Storage area : 1 600 m2

Would you like to know more about Alsicovip?

You can also contact the key account manager at Alsicovip directly

Françoise GONTIER
Tél : +33 (0)7 76 08 26 36